Press Review

"Even jazz-star Till Brönner wants to play with him"


NWZ 2018/04



“Benny Troschel is a winner. Not only in his countless musical competitons – but also in his passion for music”


NWZ 2015/07





“Great to hear young talent moving the jazz world forward....Benny Troschel is undoubtedly poised to become the leading trumpet voice of his clear and on the pulse..“


Avery Hart, Artist, New York 2014/10





“At the early age of 17 years Benny Troschel from Oldenburg should be honored for his very successful musical career.  […] He was awarded many prestigious prizes like “Jugend jazzt” Niedersachsen 2008, 1st prize “Jugend musiziert” on federal level 2010 and finalist of the “European Yamaha Trumpet Contest” 2010 etc.. This is convincing proof of an outstanding musical talent. His participation in well-known music festivals, his radio and television appearance, foundation of his own “Benny Troschel Quartett” and various combos, his membership in numerous big-bands reveal his passion and his extraordinary talent for music.  We have great justified optimism for his musical and artistic future.


Benny Troschel was the solist of the ‘Oldenburger Schlossorchester’ this summer. Both the audience and the orchestra were absolutely thrilled by his performance. […]”


Laudation held by Dr. Henrike Steudel at the “Oldenburger Landschaft”  Award 2013/11





“After the concert break a young top-star moment: The only 17-year-old Benny Troschel played the trumpet concert of Alexander Arutjunjan with an extraordinary superior virtuosity and outstanding musicality. He proved to be an excellent artist of his trumpet by making the trumpet blare and calm – a feast for the ears. Bravo!”


Weser-Kurier 2013/08





“Bremer plays jazz – 1st prize - combo ‚Hier und Jazz‘ of Bremer junior trumpet player Benny Troschel was awarded a ‘Jazz-sparrow”. […] Troschel is a junior student at the Hochschule für Künste [Bremer University of Music].”


Taz 2012/02






“Exceptional trumpeter Benny Troschel“


Thüringer Allgemeine 2011/07




“The only 14-year-old Benny Troschel from Oldenburg performed excellently and exceeded all expectations. A young trumpet player with that talent is supposed to be unique even on the national level! Troschel played Arutjunjans’s “Aria et Scherzo”   with an unbelievable mature and sophisticated intonation. Even the finest details can be highlighted in his way of performing music.


Academy of Music Emden 2010/03 







„Benny Troschel is a huge talent on the trumpet”


NWZ 2009/03


Benny Troschel is a jazz trumpet student at Manhattan School of Music, NY. He is an award-winning both jazz and classical music artist.




Benny Troschel studiert Jazz Trompete an der Manhattan School of Music, NY. Im Jazz und in der Klassik beheimatet, ist er mehrfacher Preisträger in beiden Richtungen.

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